Craft Bangkok, Thailand

April 2019

This trade Fair had bought in craftsmen from around the world to exhibit their craft and designs. It provided us a great platform to showcase our products to the world on a global platform.

Pitara products were hugely loved and appreciated by everyone, our designs caught everyone's eye were a centre of  attraction to everyone around.

The India Story, Kolkata

November 2018

The India Story is a creative arts and design exposition. It has been immensely successful with an amalgam of design minds from across the country, supported by an extensive media coverage and a wide audience.

The India Story has evolved as an intrinsically space - driven project from the time of its inception. The organic nature of this space has enabled TIS to emerge into a platform that has encouraged distinct verticals like fashion, lifestyle, music, performances, food and arts to flourish spatially.

Jaipur Literature Festival'18 @ Diggi Palace, Jaipur

25-29th January, 2018

One of the biggest literature festival all over the world, where great thinkers come across.

Pitara products were well recognised and appreciated by the most learned people. It was a boost for us to showcase our exclusively handcrafted designer collection amongst the most creative thinker from around the world.


"I bought some of your stuff at JLF and really loved it, and would absolute love to get more of it...."                  ~ Akshita

"Beautifully designed bags made blended with Indian Textile..."     ~ Laurel

"The finish is impeccable..."     ~ Vani Baid

"You have a customer for life in me.......".      ~ Vadehi

"I am taking all of these as souvenir for my family....."     ~ Jennifer

Shor Bazaar Flea Market @ Jai Club, Jaipur

23-25th February

An urban flea market for the youths and the old.

it was difficult for the visitors to avoid an sight of the well designed handcrafted bags by Pitara. 


"Very colourful and cute bags, with perfect number of pockets to organise your daily stuff..."                   - Aastha Gill 

"All the prints are so attractive, please help me choose out of those beautiful round sling bags..."  - Vishakha Sharma

"I would like to few more Ikat sling bag for my cousins and friends...."         - Kriti 

Exhibition @ Radisson Blu, Jaipur

9-10th March, 2018

A wedding lifestyle exhibition.


"The bag is really well made and so pretty!! I will be back soon to buy more bags......"       ~ Aparna 

"Bought those brocade clutch and Taj Mahal embroidered sling bag for my cousins wedding, it got more compliments over my dress......"                ~ Suchita

"Beautifully stitched and classy touch..."  ~ Meghna

ColorStrokes @ Diggi Palace, Jaipur

10-11th March, 2018

A Beautiful flea market where you can shop, eat and play.

Last minute booking for the stall wasn't a bad idea, it was such an amazing experience with such an lovely audience who appreciated the designs and concepts of Pitara bags as exclusive and unique.


"Loved the bags!! Thanks for making such pretty bags......"              ~ Shurthi 

"You have awesome stuff, couldn't resist 🙂 Keep Creating such amazing stuff."                   ~ Neha

"Oh God! couldn't contain my excitement, looking at these cute little things, its adorable with perfect finishing....."      ~ Mira


Weekend Window @ YMCA lawns, Ahmedabad

27-29th April, 2018

Our first outstation exhibition, beautiful city amazing people and the temperature was boiling and there were these Pitara Bags and Accessories to cool down this summer. One of our best experience and exposure.

Customers are still searching for our store on the streets of Ahmedabad as they loved our collection, we will soon be available in Ahmedabad.


"I was searching for a sling bag, and I got home with 6 bags......"      ~ Khushboo

"Look Arushi such cute and adorable bags, can't resist buying them......"        ~ Swati

"ખૂબ સુંદર બેગ......"       ~ Manali

"We would want you to bring in more stuff for guys......."       ~ Abhiroop