Fashionably luxe and traditional in spirit, We creates exquisite bags and accessories that are quint essentially handcrafted. Our products are all about ingenuity of ideas, bespoke luxury, and impeccable craftsmanship. From our signature handcrafted products which are made from traditional Indian textiles to the discerningly designed accessories, We epitomises all things exclusive, charming, and practical.


The true provenance of our inimitable product can be traced to originality of ideas and creative precision. Rather than following the limiting boundaries of set trends, the designs of our collections are inspired by distinctive influences of our traditional craft and complemented with an effervescent palette of vibrant colours. With a focus on clean structures and fine detailing, each of creation is a timeless classic. Featuring an amalgam of handcrafted products, every  product offers refined luxury and craftsmanship.


We are a proud firm registered under KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission). We create handcrafted products that defines our culture & heritage with the modern day aesthetics. We encourage artisans to work with us and together we explore the areas of our traditional crafts that are fading away with time.